I ‘ve come across an exciting new solution for people searching how to learn to dance salsa right and quickly, without spending a fortune on dancing schools, like I was doing for 2 years. So, one year ago I discovered by accident that you can learn to dance salsa online.. or downloading full video lessons.. with outstanding results like a pro. Yes indeed.


Actually that depends on the quality of the salsa dance lessons you could find available on the internet.During my online research experience I found that a world famous dance instructor named Louis van Amstel, best known for his 3 hit seasons on America’s popular latin dance show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, had launched his latin dance lessons in 8 dvd-quality package, called Learn To Dance Like The Stars. This package was my last and final choice on my research how to learn to dance not only salsa, but latin dances in general. Being more specific, these online latin lessons upon your choice may include chacha, mambo, tango, jive, fox trot, samba, waltz and rhumba dances.So here is quickly my personal offline and online experience how I decided to follow salsa dance lessons online with successful results:To be honest I haven’t imagine I could learn to dance salsa online the years I was going to normal latin dance school classes. But, I don’t regret these years cos I learnt a lot. I really loved my salsa lessons in the dance school. I met a lot of people there and I became more sociable.. to be honest. I had a lot of fun during the entire latin lesson with my teachers and my “collegues”.I was attending both latin lessons and salsa lessons. Feeling the passion and the intension of the latin rythm and salsa music, I was amusing in an utmost level. New friends and new “flirts” was in the game. Meetings for dancing in salsa clubs and latin parties was a frequent “task”, and I liked it.

However, you know sometimes that was resulting to be very tiring. Especially, attending in dancing parties at least 2-3 times a week.Well, there were only 2 bad things apart from the good ones mentioned above.. The first one was the money. Yes, I don’t know if you have a point of view regarding money membership on dance schools.. But I have to tell you that personally the one big reason that pushed me to look for quality salsa dance lessons online, was the money. The fees I was paying each month in order to attend to latin lessons in normal dance schools.Apart from the membership fees, the distance was the second and last disadvantage for my attendance on the school dancing lessons. I had to drive 15-45 minutes depending on traffic, until to reach the dance school.So for these 2 reasons I decided in my 3rd year of my “latin dance experience” to follow a more cost effective solution. I started to search on the internet for complete salsa dance lessons online. The only disadvantage was that you do not feel the sensation of being in a dance shcool. You know.. being social. But ok, its not so big deal. Just note, that in the online teaching, be sure to have a partner to follow the salsa steps or whatever dance it is, accordingly with your partner.


Well.. ok regarding my research: I did a throughout search on how to learn to dance salsa online with quality video and audio. In my research I was paying attention to complete teaching latin courses, and not just free 2-3 min video that are available free online and do not offer at all a full lesson. These kind of free latin videos show just how to do a dance step and thats all.After a 2 week-research approximately and reading a lot of reviews online and offline, I decided to buy the complete latin courses of Louis.I’m happy of finding finally complete salsa dancing lessons online. I still use it today whenever I have free time. What actually is needed is a laptop and a good set of audio speakers. Definately a partner, man or woman and why not your friends who are interested in latin dance as well??Be sure to have absolutely a set of speakers. This is nessecary for listening to the salsa music.. loudly enough.